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60 Softgels
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Pure Q10 Ubiquinol QH - Pure Q10 is a special Coenzyme Q10 product that features Kaneka QH (ubiquinol) and patented VESIsorb for unmatched activity and absorption.
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Ubiquinol-QH is often referred to as “active Q”, which is the reduced or active antioxidant form of CoEnzyme Q10. This super active antioxidant is incorporated with VESIsorb, a unique water-soluble droplet delivery system increasing the bioavailability of Ubiquinol-QH.
This super active antioxidant is incorporated with VESIsorb, a unique water-soluble droplet delivery system increasing the bioavailability of Ubiquinol-QH
Better absorption translates into increased support for the cardiovascular system, reduced production of free radicals, improved functioning of the mitochondria, and helps to increase energy, stamina and endurance. Supplementing Ubiquinol-QH with VESIsorb offers the best source of QH, when compared to other Ubuiquinol-QH brands. Absorption is increased up to 6 times higher using VESIsorb, one would need to take 6 regular QH softgels to equal 1 VESIsorb QH soft gel.

KanekaQH™ is ubiquinol, the reduced, active antioxidant form of Coenzyme Q10. Introduced in 2006, KanekaQH™ is the first supplemental form of bio-identical ubiquinol ever developed and is manufactured exclusively by Kaneka Corporation. It is derived from KanekaQ10™, the world’s most recognized and researched CoQ10.

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The Next Level of CoQ10
by Dr. Chad Larson

CoQ10 is also called ubiquinone, a name that signifies its ubiquitous (widespread) distribution in the human body. CoQ10 is used by the body to transform food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy on which the body runs. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals and helps preserve vitamin E, the major antioxidant of cell membranes and blood cholesterol.

Virtually every cell of the human body contains CoQ10. It is concentrated in the mitochondria, the area of cells where energy is produced. Most human cells contain hundreds to thousands of mitochondria; the heart contains the most with 5000 mitochondria for each heart cell! Supplementation with CoQ10 has helped some people with congestive heart failure. Similar improvements have been reported in people with cardiomyopathies – a group of diseases affecting heart muscle.

Also, due to its effect on heart muscle, researchers have studied CoQ10 in people with heart arrhythmias (heart rhythm disturbances, such as atrial fibrillation). Research in this area reported improvement after approximately one month in people with premature ventricular beats (a form of arrhythmia) who also suffer from diabetes. Additionally, angina patients taking 150 mg per day of CoQ10 reported a greater ability to exercise without experiencing chest pain. This has been confirmed in independent investigations. CoQ10 appears to increase the heart’s tolerance to a lack of oxygen. Perhaps as a result, preliminary research has shown that problems resulting from heart surgery occurred less frequently in people given CoQ10 compared with the control group.

As an antioxidant, CoQ10 can protect proteins, LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol), and mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage. Because of its function in the production of cellular energy, and as an antioxidant, CoQ10 can aid in the body’s response to a host of health problems including heart disease, cancer, aging, neuro-degenerative diseases, and muscular dystrophy.

Like many nutrients on the market, not all CoQ10 products are created equally. Until recently, the most bioavailable form of CoQ10 on the market was suspended in oil and “crystal free.” But now there is an impressive patented technology called VESIsorb® which is a unique delivery system that makes CoQ10 600% more absorbable than the “regular CoQ10” on the market. The patented VESIsorb® delivery system is a natural self-assembling colloid delivery system that has been clinically proven to increase absorption of CoQ10. Pure Q10™ features this technology, which borrows a concept from our own natural biochemistry, making it second to none in the industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Higher dosages of CoQ10 can be formulated in the VESIsorb® delivery system with smaller capsule size compared to other purported bio-enhanced CoQ10 delivery systems.
  • Small softgel for easy swallowing
  • Made in the U.S.A under strict quality control standards (cGMP)
  • Perfect for all adults over 30, all athletes and especially those taking cholesterol lowering (statin) drugs.
  • CoQ10 is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb as an oral supplement. There have been advancements in absorption technology over the years but nothing has come close to the results of VESIsorb®. Pure Q10™ with VESIsorb® technology makes the CoQ10 ‘pre-digested’ allowing the body to much more easily absorb this all-important nutrient. Based on its greater absorption rates, Pure Q10™ delivers more CoQ10 to the body in less time than other forms, offering greater value per bottle. Theoretically it takes 7-10 regular formulated softgels to reach the same blood levels as just one Pure Q10™ softgel.

    This next level CoQ10 product comes straight from one of the most well-known and respected CoQ10 manufacturers in the world, Kaneka.

  • KanekaQ10™ is the only yeast-fermented CoQ10 and thus does not contain the impurities that synthetically processed CoQ10 does
  • KanekaQ10™ has been used in the vast majority of all clinical trials over the past 30 years
  • KanekaQ10™ is the CoQ10 with Self-Affirmed GRAS status (“generally recognized as safe”) for use in foods and beverages
  • KanekaQ10™ is the only CoQ10 made in the U.S. and is manufactured per the good manufacturing practices designated by the FDA
  • KanekaQ10™ is Genetically Modified Organism-free, allergen-free and Kosher certified
  • KanekaQ10™ is proudly featured in Pure Q10 Ubiquinol QH.

    Clinical Science

    Depleted CoQ10 has been associated with a range of heart conditions (including arrhythmias, strokes, hypertension, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis), and CoQ10 can help prevent and treat these conditions. It also is associated with helping to prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Because of its central role in cell development, it is an energy and brain booster, and can assist in weight loss due to its ability to help speed up metabolism of fats. It has also been successful in fighting periodontal diseases like gingivitis, and in some studies has demonstrated effectiveness as a supplement in treatment of certain cancers, including breast cancer.

    Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH) by Pure Prescriptions was selected by our staff due to its popularity in the Immune Support, Antioxidants, Heart Health, Longevity, Sports Nutrition, Men's Health, Women's Health, Energy Boost, Memory Boost, Specialty Products categories of high quality supplements and vitamins. View one of the following links to learn more about the ingredients used in Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH), read Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH) reviews or browse related articles. See all products by Pure Prescriptions
    Customer Reviews
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    5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH), 3/21/2016  
    Reviewer: Verified Purchase
    Both me and my spouse have been using pure Q10 and it is the best product we have had. This will be the first time we are using ubquinol. We will wait to seethe results.
    5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH), 9/18/2015  
    Reviewer: Verified Purchase
    for good heart and maintaining energy
    5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH), 9/17/2015  
    Reviewer: Verified Purchase
    I started using this over 10 years ago. It was recommended by a doctor for A typical breast cells. Helps heart function too. I wouldn't be without it. Healthy at 64.
    5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH), 11/2/2014  
    Reviewer: Verified Purchase
    I wrote a book *** I mention this brand of CoQ10. It is true that it is around 600% more effective than non VesiSorb Q10. I was taking 300mg of the Kanaka QH from another supplier... read more
    5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH), 9/22/2014  
    Reviewer: Verified Purchase
    I really believe that this is the best quality CoQ10 out there. I've tried several but since I've tried this one it's the only one I ever order.
    Supplement Facts:

    Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 or more softgels daily, preferably with a meal, or as directed by your health care professional.

    1 Softgel

    Ingredients AMT %DV

    (Kaneka QH Enhanced Bioactivity form of CoQ10)

    100mg -
    Vitamin E

    (as natural d-alpha tocopheryl acetate)

    10 IU 33%

    Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin (softgel capsule), Annatoo Extract (for light protection), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Nonionic Surfactant, Polygylcerol Esters of Fatty Acids.

    (-) There is no %DV or the manufactuer has not provided this data.

    Free radicals are believed to play a role in more than sixty different health conditions, including the aging process, cancer, and atherosclerosis. Reducing exposure to free radicals...

    My Father passed away from a heart attack. I'm worried I might be going down the same road. Can you give me some suggestions on ways of preventing heart disease?

    CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals1 and helps preserve vitamin E, the major antioxidant of cell membranes and blood cholesterol. CoQ10 supplementation has been investigated as a way to improve physical endurance...

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    16 customers have reviewed Pure Q10 Ubiquinol QH
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    5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating
    Posted by: NamVet on 3/19/2014
    I started using Pure Q10 (Ubiquinol QH over a year ago and very happy with results. I tell pretty much everyone in my age group about the Q10 and they should try it. I've looked at... read more
    Help your heart.
    5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating
    Posted by: Joe Bob on 3/17/2014
    I rebuilt and saved my heart, after congestive heart failure. My doctor calls me "Miracle". I believe primarily in supplements and also use doctors as guides and... read more
    Pure Quality
    5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating
    Posted by: oliviasoma on 1/27/2014
    I have been using this brand of CoQ10 for some time now and feel it is the best quality that I have found. I'm never disappointed with anything that I order from Pure Prescriptions.
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    What Customers Are Saying

    The best and most effective Q10 product Period. I take one a day and have noticed an increase in energy over the 3 normal Q10 pills I was taking daily. The VesiSorb process is outstanding.
    Both me and my husband have been using this product for over 2 years and we both are over 62 and 65 years old respectively. We always hear comments from people that they cannot believe our age, based on our skin being so tight - no hanging or sagging areas. We love this product.
    My mother emailed your company. Just as she has emailed many other companies about my Crohn's disease. The difference was you responded and seemed to really care. You sent so much information back to her that she has fowarded on to me. I am so excited to read everything you have sent. I just traveled away from home to see a new GI doctor. He was a breath of fresh air for us all. He is also very encouraging of trying supplements in addition to my other medications. It felt so good to have someone really care. But to top that off was coming home afer being gone for a day and a half an getting your email. Thank you for caring.

    I just wanted you to know that it wasn't just a simple email response to us. It really meant someting and is very appreaciated. -Keep caring, it makes a big difference.
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