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Celebrating Our 7th Anniversary!
with Dr. Devin Ryerson

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported Pure Prescriptions along the way by providing valuable feedback and word of mouth recommendations to friends and family. As a token of our appreciation we intentionally extended our 20% OFF Anything* SALE well beyond Labor Day until this Friday!

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Just last Friday, September 5th marked our 7th year Anniversary here at Pure! While it seems so much has changed in terms of product offerings, new web technology, etc... the one thing that remains and what makes Pure Prescriptions a survivor in the competitive natural healthcare arena is that We Care.

How We Started
Before Pure Prescriptions was Cancer Advisory, a Non-Profit organization I developed to provide information for those seeking integrative cancer care. Shortly thereafter, my small one man show known as Cancer Advisory naturally evolved into what we are celebrating some 7 years later.

I myself underwent cancer treatment in 1999 and feel that concurrent or integrative care (natural means such as dietary plus lifestyle changes and supplements), saved my life -- literally! Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were the conventional treatment I sought, but soon found myself hospitalized with a bad case of pneumonia that nearly killed me. The cause of my pneumonia was no mystery as cancer patients and their friends and family can attest. Conventional treatments while useful, are notorious for their many side-effects. The main side-effect being a depleted immune system which can be deadly. It's a fact that most cancer patients don't die from their cancer, but rather from the treatment and subsequent infection because the white blood cells of the immune system simply cannot do their job.

Why Is This?
The simple reason is because chemotherapy's (and radiation) job is to kill cancerous cells, which it does quite well I might add (what poison wouldn't), however, these treatments are not specific, in that good cells get wiped out along with the bad one's. This is why cancer patients have no hair, for the chemo wipes out all rapidly dividing cells...

Why We Care
Pure Prescriptions cares because we understand. Founded by Doctors, Pure Prescriptions understands that every individual is different. When it comes to the human body, a "one size fits all" approach simply will not work. Every person has different circumstances, lifestyles, dietary habits, health challenges and goals - We understand that! While other online retailers of vitamins continue to battle with one another offering the cheapest prices on poor quality products, we offer a unique and effective approach with our business model.

What We Offer:
Since the beginning, Pure Prescriptions has made it our #1 priority to educate first! This is what is known as an informed decision making process (I know, pretty simple and obvious). Making decisions about one's health is crucial and should be based on the facts to form a rational conclusion and decision. To help our customers and website visitors we have many tools and services available to help make informed health decisions.

Our Tools

FREE Health Library & Healthy Living
The Pure Prescriptions Health Library is where you will find useful information concerning many health conditions and treatment options. From Prenatal care to aging well, the Health Library is sure to deliver the answers you need and more. Likewise, you can get all the information you need on holistic health therapies and many healthy recipes in our Healthy Living section.

FREE Wellness Advisor
Trying to figure out what supplements you need by walking into the nutrition section of your health food store is a daunting task. There are so many choices it can be overwhelming. Misinformation by unqualified people can often do more harm than good. The Pure Wellness Advisor will put you on a direct path to your individual biochemical needs. This program was designed by our knowledgeable doctors to provide specific recommendations using only the highest quality ingredients and formulations available.

FREE e-Newsletter
Learn natural health solutions for many health issues that plague our World. Get alerts emailed to you directly covering the latest on Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and more from Dr. Larson.

Our Services

Laboratory Testing
Take the guesswork out of the state of your health. We offer non-invasive home testing with free Doctor consults. The best way to truly find out how to attain balanced health is by testing your hormones, vitamin and mineral levels. The Doctor will then tailor the perfect program for you to supplement exactly what you need. We mail you the kits, you follow the directions and take the test, mail it in the enclosed box to our test laboratory and we have answers in days. Fast, efficient and effective. The Pure Doctors will now have a guide by which to recommend the best ways to find results, tailored just for you.

Doctor Consults
Unique to Pure Prescriptions is the opportunity to work directly with our Doctor's by phone and online. We offer two levels of consultation. The 30 Minute and 60 Minute Consultations are designed to focus on specific protocols tailored for your immediate needs. The 30 Minute is ample time to discuss personal history, current symptoms and strategies for relief. The 60 Minute Consultation provides for the above with the addition of going over clinicals and deeper in to the personal history to assess best methods for a personal path to health.

If you have gone through our online checkout process you may have noticed the check box option to donate to a worthy cause. For every dollar donated, Pure Prescriptions matches it -dollar for dollar!

At any rate, without digressing too far here...but, again, it is my pleasure to announce our Anniversary and to continue to provide World-Class health education for our customers and newsletter subscribers. I also would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported Pure Prescriptions along the way by providing valuable feedback and word of mouth recommendations to friends and family. As a token of our appreciation we intentionally extended our 20% OFF Anything* SALE well beyond Labor Day all the way until this Friday! Click Here For Details & Coupon Code

This kind of Sale doesn't come around too often so please come on over to our website and surf around a while to learn about the latest natural health products, articles & expert opinion from Dr. Larson, pick up some healthy recipes from award winning chef Mark Reinfeld or take a spin on the NEWLY Updated Wellness Advisor to see what's right and good for your body and brain!


Devin Ryerson, D.C.
Founder & CEO
Pure Prescriptions, Inc.

P.S. -- Please keep an eye out for my new Monthly column where I will provide readers with insights, detailed recaps and newsletter summaries, new product announcements and much more!


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