One of the best ways to re-charge and gain energy is to supplement with a green drink like NewGreens. Our Berry Flavor is packed with antioxidants and our poprietary Energized Herbal Fusion blend with Maca, Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Green Tea extract and much more! All NewGreens fomulas have been exclusively developed by Dr. Chad Larson to address the antioxidant power of increased fruit and vegetable intake. NewGreens is a unique formula containing 66 super foods throughout 7 healthy blends! NewGreens Original & Organic feature highly alkalizing foods such as wheat grass, barley grass, kale, broccoli, sea vegetables, spirulina, and chlorella. Simply put, our NewGreens Organic product is unmatched in quality & taste. Featuring 44 carefully selected ingredients that support a wide range of body systems, this 100% Certified Organic product is just what the doctor ordered. New Greens  is an advanced antioxidant green drink that is up to 3X more powerful than the Greens First or Nano Greens green drinks. View Our Green Drink Comparison Charts and Reviews. Features a wide variety of antioxidants from fruits, berries, herbs and nature's superfoods. Every green drink serving has the certified antioxidant value of over 10 servings (ORAC Value) of fruits and vegetables Most Green drinks taste horrible, almost like pond scum - New Greens is an advanced great tasting green drink that actually tastes great! Just read the many positive green drink reviews that rave about the taste and how it mixes easily, even in water! Increasingly recommended trusted healthcare professionals, customer testimonials don't lie. Read the reviews about how people all around the world use this best green drink brand in their daily health routines. Using a green drink for weight loss? If you're looking to responsibly lose weight, try New Greens. New Greens is doctor formulated and contains key ingredients to help you meet your weight loss goals.
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