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What Customers Are Saying

As a 62 year old male, my sense of well-being and that of my wife have both been enhanced since we stated taking Purevinol-25 daily some two years ago. Our blood pressures are better, our energy level is excellent, and we have a great sense of well-being (despite my wife's thyroid cancer three years ago). While it would be difficult to attrubute this only to Purevinol-25, I feel the mixture of a more active form of resveratrol plus the inclusion of other wine polyphenols, is what separates this product from the competition. I don't believe it is just the resveratrol that provides the benefits.
I haven't been using this product for that long yet, but I actually take it twice a day, and I feel great. I love ordering my supplements from Pure Prescriptions for their quality and fair pricing.
The thing I like about shopping at Pure Prescriptions is that I can always count on the excellent customer service. I would highly recommend buying your supplements and natural products from this company. Great product selection, easy to use website, fast shipping and the best customer service around!
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