Dr. Chad Larson talks about Pure Q10, a Superior Coenzyme Q10 With Vesisorb. See why this Coq10 is the absolute best. Enhanced 600% vs. other CoQ10 softgels.
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Antioxidants & Berry Fusion
Dr. Chad Larson goes over Antioxidants and Berry Fusion.
Dr. Chad Larson explains the health benefits of Curcumin.
Dr. Chad Larson discusses the unique benefits of Pure's brand of AHCC.
Dr. Chad Larson talks about the benefits of the improved NewGreens formula.
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What Customers Are Saying

Best Q10 I have taken. Pure brand was recommended by two of my docs. I like the taste and the research behind this formula.
I've used one bottle of this product and, even though the dosage is smaller than a competitive product, I've noticed no change in my energy or glucose levels. Seems like pretty good stuff!
I ordered some items from you a month or so ago and one of them could not immediately, which is not unusual when shopping on the web. What is unusual, is someone from your company called to tell me. I dont know of any other company (and I shop a lot online) who takes the time to have a person call with news of a dlayed order - and the delay involved my order shipped in 24 hours, instead of the day I placed it.

I began shopping with you by accident, I stayed because of the quality of your products, and now, because of the personal touches you provide, I try and get everyone I know to shop with you. Good job to you and your staff!
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