Keep it Real TV Episode 41

Video by Dr. Chad Larson

In episode 41 of his video series, Dr. Larson discusses: 

  • There is a growing incidence of symptoms of anxiety in society
  • Five natural strategies might help you to overcome feelings of anxiety and chronic negative emotional states
  • The five strategies are 1 breathing exercises, 2 decreasing your exposure to artificial blue light to balance cortisol and melatonin, 3 increased sleep, 4 make healthier food choices and 5 get out into nature
  • The increase in exposure to blue light in today's society is having a profound effect on our ability to get the sleep that is necessary for good health
  • When you are exposed to blue light before bed, it can increase your anxiety by decreasing the quality of sleep you get
  • A study recently published in Current Psychology Reports evaluated the connection between sleep and anxiety and chronic negative emotional states
  • When you don't get the right kind of sleep, it imbalances your circadian cycle, which is necessary for emotional status
  • The acronym SLEEP comprises the components of sleeping that are necessary to reduce anxiety
  • S stands for schedule, for quality sleep, it is important to establish regular sleep cycles
  • You can do that by going to bed and waking up at the same time consistently
  • Regular sleep cycles establish a deeper level of sleep, which regulates your circadian rhythm
  • L stands for length of time
  • It is not just important for you to get the proper length of sleep, but also that it is uninterrupted so that you can go through the important stages of deep sleep
  • E stands for environment, the type of environment you sleep in is very important to your over health and to decrease anxiety and chronic negative emotional states, not just about one night, it is about night after night
  • E stands for extra sleep or napping
  • Taking power naps throughout the day can reset your emotional state and help to reduce the anxiety you feel
  • P stands for prescription medication, which can also include other things like recreational drug use and alcohol
  • Excessive alcohol can interrupt your sleep patterns and bring about anxiety and chronic negative emotional states
  • If you are on prescription medication, it is a good idea to research the medication to find out if it is affecting the quality of sleep you are getting
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, before you reach for a prescription bottle, try getting enough quality sleep


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