Keep it Real TV Episode 32

Video by Dr. Chad Larson

In episode 32 of his video series, Dr. Larson discusses: 

  • Summertime tip number two is to increase your intake of antioxidants
  • Antioxidants are powerful nutrients that the body both makes and gets from external sources like foods and supplements
  • They work by blocking the ability that free radicals have to cause cellular damage in the body
  • Although oxidation is a normal process, it can sometimes be excessive, and if not controlled, it can lead to chronic illness and disease
  • A free radical is a substance within a molecule that gets out control and damages the other cells around it
  • It is comprised of an unpaired electron, in an effort to find a pair, it wrecks havoc on the cells around it creating damage by knocking into them
  • Free radical damage can cause unhealthy aging and chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease if left unchecked
  • Antioxidants work by donating an electron to free radicals, and, thereby, stabilizing them so that they are no longer dangerous
  • Getting an abundance of antioxidants from food sources and supplements are critical to your overall health
  • The body produces antioxidants at the cellular level called glutathione
  • Glutathione is a tripeptide that is a powerful antioxidant, which helps to quench free radicals
  • Most of the antioxidants we need we have to get from outside sources like Vitamin A, C & E and Selenium or ACES
  • They are nutrients that are strong antioxidants that fight against free radicals at the cellular level
  • Vitamin E is the most abundant lipid soluble substance, which means that it helps to quench lipid proxidaxion and Vitamin C is the most powerful water-soluble substance, but neither is made by the body
  • If we don't get them from the foods we eat, our bodies can fall short, and the oxidation process can run rampant
  • Food sources of Vitamin A are made in the body by beta-carotene or carotenoids
  • Beta-carotene and carotenoids are found in abundance in orange foods like sweet potatoes and carrots
  • Vitamin C is found in foods like citrus, bell peppers, and other fruits and vegetables
  • Vitamin E and Selenium are found in nuts and seeds
  • Berries are antioxidants that are loaded with nutrients called phytochemical and polyphenols
  • Nature has provided us with a variety of sources of antioxidants
  • Oxidation is a huge problem because it leads to free radical damage, which is why antioxidants are so critical to your health
  • Other excellent sources of antioxidants can be found in both botanical and herbal sources
  • Curcumin and turmeric are two sources that you can add to your diet to up your intake of antioxidants
  • Resveratrol, which is found in red wine, is also high in antioxidants
  • Green tea has something called polyphenols, or BCGC, which work from an antioxidant level
  • They all work to decrease the destruction of oxidation
  • From a food standpoint, it is critical to get all colors of the rainbow when choosing your foods
  • Nature makes antioxidants attractive to us by making them bright and vibrant through rich colors
  • Although glutathione can be found in a supplement form, it not very stable
  • Superfoods are supplement blends that contain high amounts of antioxidants
  • A superfood is defined by having a high "ORAC" level
  • The quantitative measure of ORAC is how many antioxidants can be found in a supplement
  • Before choosing a superfood, it is important to find one that has been rated by a third party analysis due to its ORAC value
  • NewGreens brand superfoods are highly rated from a third party analysis and contain very high measures of antioxidants
  • Although dietary sources of antioxidants are the best way to get what you need, supplementing with food supplements like NewGreens, is an excellent way to ensure you are getting what you need
  • During the summertime when you are getting more levels of sun exposure, or during times of stress, it is important to increase the amount of antioxidants you have available in your body
  • Eating antioxidants is critical for good health, but supplementing with high-quality superfoods is just an extra boost to ensure that you are free from free radical damage that is responsible for more than 60 different health conditions
  • During this summer season, increase your health by increasing your intake of antioxidants


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