Keep it Real TV Episode 6

Video by Dr. Chad Larson

In episode 6 of his video series, Dr. Larson discusses: 

  • Results of clinical study from patients who take Proton Pump Inhibitors show an increased risk of stroke
  • The most commonly prescribed medications
  • The popularity of acid reflux medications
  • The real causes of heartburn
  • Heartburn is not the result of too much stomach acid
  • How a lack of stomach acid contributes to nutrient deficiencies
  • GERD
  • Foods that cause the LES to relax
  • How high fatty meals, such as deep-fried foods, can contribute to acid reflux
  • Food sensitivities such as gluten and dairy
  • How heartburn can be caused from an acid deficiency
  • Triggers that lead to the relaxation of the LES


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