SuperSaver Program
SuperSavers Always Save The Most Money!
Here's the easiest breakdown of what you can expect:
What is SuperSaver?
SuperSaver is an auto-delivery program available on When you add a product to your shopping cart, you will have the option to select auto delivery and how often you want the product to be mailed to you. You can choose to have a product auto delivered every 30, 45, 60 or 90 days.
You can select an auto delivery option for each product in your shopping cart. For instance, you might want to receive a multivitamin every 30 days and a bottle of Omega-3 every 60 days.
That's not all. When you choose the SuperSaver program, Pure Prescriptions will make a donation to Vitamin Angels, a charitable organization dedicated to the eradication of blindness and other global health issues related to malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies.
Try out SuperSaver to get your products delivered on a schedule that meets your needs, and help save a life with Vitamin Angels.
SuperSaver Cancellation Terms & Conditions 
You can cancel your SuperSaver at any time, just as long as it's before your specified ship date. Orders that are shipped must be returned before credits or exchanges may occur. All returned SuperSaver orders will have $5.00 deducted from the credit amount. To view your scheduled SuperSaver orders, just log into My Account. Future orders may be canceled online or by calling our Customer Service department at 800-860-9583. For questions, you may also contact our Customer Service department via e-mail at:
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Great! I love this company. I was able to have a phone conversation with one of your doctors and he was extremely helpful. Thank you!
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