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Suggested Use: One tablet daily. Take tablet on an empty stomach.
SAM-E TABLETS - SAMe is a stable, bioavailable form of S-adenosyl-l-methionine. Dozens of clinical studies have demonstrated that SAMe not only supports a positive outlok, but supports joint comfort, function and mobility in the spine, hips and knees.
SAMe is a natural compound formed in our bodies from the amino acid methionine. It is stirring excitement due to its wide-ranging health effects. SAMe plays a critical role in cartilage formation.

Studies also show that SAMe helps support a positive outlook. It is able to cross the blood-brain barrier where it affects the synthesis and activation of various proteins, such as neurotransmitters. SAMe is known as a methyl donor. This means that it works by giving up a piece of itself (a methyl group consisting of one carbon and three hydrogen atoms) to other molecules. Methylation plays a part in many critical cellular functions. SAMe is present in every living cell in the body. However, levels of SAMe tend to decline with age.

SAM-E TABLETS by Douglas Laboratories was selected by our staff due to its popularity in the Bone & Joint Support, Mood Support categories of high quality supplements and vitamins. View one of the following links to learn more about the ingredients used in SAM-E TABLETS, read SAM-E TABLETS reviews or browse related articles. See all products by Douglas Laboratories
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Supplement Facts:

Suggested Use: One tablet daily. Take tablet on an empty stomach.

One tablet contains:

Ingredients AMT %DV
SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine disulfate tosylate) 200 mg -

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, mannitol, croscarmellose sodium, glycerol behenate, vegetable stearate, methacrylic acid copolymer, glycerol palmitostearate, medium chain triglycerides, titanium dioxide, silica, talc, triethyl citrate, and yellow iron oxide.

(-) There is no %DV or the manufactuer has not provided this data.

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A complex syndrome with no known cause or cure. Its predominant symptom is pain in the fibrous tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, although other symptoms...

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic disease of the joints, especially the weight-bearing joints that develops when the linings of joints degenerate, leading to lipping and spurring of bone, pain, and decreased mobility and function.

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